Annual Cultural Competency Training

Important Notice

October 1st deadline for the required cultural competency training has been extended to December 31st, 2023.. Please take the training below and submit your online attestation. Thank you.

Important Message for Our Medicaid, PIC, and HARP Providers:

At MetroPlusHealth, it is critical that our providers know how to communicate effectively with our members in the most culturally appropriate way. The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has approved cultural competency training offered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Minority Health education program, Think Cultural Health. The training is online, free, and offers several provider-specific modules.

The Mainstream Medicaid Managed Care, HIV Special Needs Plans, and Health and Recovery Plans Model Contract Section 15.10(c) requires that health plans “…ensure the cultural competence of its provider network by requiring Participating Providers to certify, on an annual basis, completion of State-approved cultural competence training curriculum, including training on the use of interpreters, for all Participating Providers’ staff who have regular and substantial contact with Enrollees.”

This training must be initially completed by appropriate staff within the next 12 months and then on an annual basis. Once this training has been completed, our participating providers will be able to provide more effective care delivery to our members  and help reduce health disparities.

Providers may access the training here. Once you complete your specific training(s), simply click out of the window and you will return to this page where you can fill out and submit the virtual attestation form below.

If you previously completed the training with another managed care plan, you do not need to complete the training again but need to complete the attestation that you have completed the training.

​Meanwhile, thank you for all you do to help our members access the health care services they need.

Attestation of Cultural Competency Orientation

last updated: August 22, 2022

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