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Member FAQs

Member Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that your time is valuable, so we have put a list of some frequently asked questions that will hopefully answer some questions you may have. If not, we are always available at [email protected]

How do I get my Member ID?

  • Your Member ID will be available to you via a physical card that will be mailed and virtually through your member portal (members.staging.metroplus.org).
  • If you are a new member and don’t have your member ID yet, please contact MetroPlusHealth Customer Service at 1-800-303-9626.
  • You can also email us at [email protected]. If you email to receive your member ID, we will need to schedule a call back to verify your identity for security purposes.

When will I get my physical ID card?

If you are a MedicaidSNP or HARP member:

  • You will receive your MetroPlusHealth ID card within the first 15 days of membership.

If you are a Qualified Health PlanEssential Plan or Child Health Plus member:

  • If you pay a premium
    • If you make your payment before the start of your membership you will receive your card within the first 15 days of membership.
    • If you make your payment during the first 10 calendar days of the month after your eligibility start date, you will receive your card 15 days after your payment is received.
  • If you don’t pay a premium (only applicable to Essential Plan and Child Health Plus)
    •  You will receive your card within the first 15 days of membership

You may also receive a new card when you initiate a PCP change by contacting our Member Services Department or request one from your member portal (members.staging.metroplus.org)

Do I need my physical ID card to see a doctor or access services?

  • We recommend carrying your physical ID card however you can still obtain services with your MetroPlusHealth ID number.
  • You can also get a virtual ID card through your member portal at (members.staging.metroplus.org).

Member COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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What Services Do We Cover?

To see what is covered, check the benefits in your health plan via the Member Portal. Search for doctors and dentists, see claims, and view your coverage on our Member Portal.

last updated: June 24, 2022

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