Staff Work For NYC? Offer Them MetroPlus Health Gold.

Call 833.697.2446 to find out more or enroll in health care made for City employees.

City employees don’t have to put up with health insurance made for everyone else.


Enrollment is open November 1–30


Ask yourself this:

  • Do the plans you offer give employees $0 doctor visits including $0 mental health care?
  • Do they get money back for rides to the doctor?
  • Up to 1,000 to work out?
  • $0 personalized dietician care to keep them healthy?

With MetroPlusHealth Gold, City employees get all of this and more.

Ready to learn more or get started? We are available 7 days a week:

Monday to Friday 8am–8pm

Saturday 9am–5pm

Sunday 9am–12pm

Call 833.697.2446 to speak with a Representative.

Our basic plan is free for city workers and families. Don’t miss out. Enroll November 1–30.

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A Better Option

MetroPlusHealth Gold is NYC’s health plan made for City employees. As City workers ourselves, we know NYC is nothing without its people. MetroPlusHealth Gold does more than offer great benefits. Our network includes 34,000+ of the City’s top doctors, 40+ hospitals including NYU Langone, Mount Sinai, and NY Health + Hospitals, and 110+ urgent care sites including CityMD locations.



Google Reviews

“I was able to keep my doctor I had for 40 years. I’ve had no problem with car service, OTC benefit, rewards program, prescriptions or getting in touch with my providers. It’s just the greatest HMO I’ve seen I love it. My calls are answered right away, and very professionally with care understanding and patience.”

“Very caring group of compassionate individuals. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Very polite and professional, and talk about patience, they have it We need more people like the MetroPlus Team to make this world a better place, I called with tears in my eyes and my issues were taken care of very quickly.


Call 833.697.2446 to speak with a MetroPlus Health Gold Representative.


$0 benefits, depending upon health plan eligibility. MKT 22.083 MetroPlus Health Plan, Inc.


last updated: November 10, 2022

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